Principal + Co – Founder


What motivates you to work hard?

I think what motivates me is knowing that “work” doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun and fulfilling and knowing that motivates me to keep at it. I’m passionate and happy doing what I do and if I wasn’t I’d be doing something else that stokes my fire.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is easy, pizza with mac n cheese on top!!

What’s your favorite family tradition?

Every year we take a trip down the Green River in Utah. We completely unplug from the digital world and connect to nature and stillness. The milky way is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The sound of a crow’s wing vibrating as is soars through the canyon walls is magic. Camping on sandbars, bon fires and mud fights are pure fun.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Summers in Franconia New Hampshire with my grandparents. I would stay with them for about a month at a time and we had so much fun. I’d chop wood with my grandfather and we would have pool competitions, best of 31 games. My grandmother would take me to the local arcade to play skeeball and we would have scrabble competitions. Those were only best of 7. My days were filled with so much fun and it’s something I’ll always remember.

What’s your favorite movie?

Contact! This is actually my daughters first movie. “You wanna hear something really nutty? I heard of a couple guys who wanna build something called an “airplane,” you know you get people to go in, and fly around like birds, it’s ridiculous, right? And what about breaking the sound barrier, or rockets to the moon, or atomic energy, or a mission to Mars? Science fiction, right? Look, all I’m asking, is for you to just have the tiniest bit of vision. You know, to just sit back for one minute and look at the big picture. To take a chance on something that just might end up being the most profoundly impactful moment for humanity, for the history… of history.” Vision baby, dream big!

Favorite Quote:

“It’s not the size of your dreams that determines whether or not they come true, but the size of the actions you take that implies their inevitable arrival.” – the universe


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