We have lots of clients who come to us after having a logo designed by one of those cheaper logo design services. You know who they are. Their marketing is all over and they promise a handful of designs for only a few bucks. And while this sounds great on paper, you know the saying: “you get what you pay for.” The logo you receive from these companies won’t consider your target market, competitors, how you wish to interact with potential clients, how you want to grow. It won’t capture who you are as a company and the future you are wanting to build. The logo likely will look like hundreds of others that have been designed by these quick design companies. Maybe the logo is created in the wrong format — not allowing you to print your logo in any size that you want (signage, anyone?). Perhaps the design has significant flaws. How does that make your company look? What impression does this really give? If we only have milliseconds to leave an impression — a lasting impression that drives all future decisions — and do not have time to even get a single word in — well, you can see why having a polished logo is important. Scratch that: it’s downright crucial to survive in the jungle out there.

So, if you did go through one of those cheap branding services, no judgement. Know that we’re here to help clean up the mess. We can walk you through our process and unearth the form that will support your business going forward. 

But this does prompt us to ask: why not do it right the first time around? Our branding packages are cost effective AND they promise sparkling results. Pay for a logo once. And get the branding that helps propel your business forward.


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