Civitas is a practice of urban designers, architects and landscape architects engaged in strategic planning for urban change and project design for built works. They are a consultancy and a design studio, advising clients on a wide range of strategies for re-imagining city conditions, and designing the ideas, craft and implementation of built spaces and systems at the scale of infrastructure.

Civitas hired us to redesign and reimagine their brand. They need us to understand their ethos, how they think and their approach to solving problems. We worked with them over a six month period being present at meetings as a fly-on-the wall, to participating in their events and team gatherings. We embedded ourselves in their culture. The final design captured their origin story and perfectly communicated where they were going. Once we finalized the their brand, we redesigned their website. They had fantastic content that needed to be digested into smaller pieces so we simplified the messaging, pulled out compelling moments to highlight and created vignettes of content to create a more succinct flow. The final site walks the viewer through a vast array of content — both image and copy — that tells the story of Civitas.

Whether we are working on a budding brand design or a high-profile ad campaign, we employ the same level of in-depth research, creative process, personalized customer interaction and collaboration.

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